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Grief Counseling

We offer free grief counseling services in the tri-city and surrounding area to help you heal from your loss. You will be contacted within 72 hours of your request.

Burial Assistance

Would you like to hold a funeral service for your child? Free funeral service available through us in the tri-city and surrounding area.

Facebook Support Group

Join our online support group for those who have experienced loss. It takes place every 1st Monday of the month at 6Pm EST., via our Private Facebook Group.

Partnering with us

Eljiah’s Purpose is always looking for partners to help us carry out our mission. There are so many people who need healing and we love the fact that we have the opportunity to help those in need.

If you would like to partner with us in the family’s healing process, let us know.

Our Mission

Elijah’s Purpose is designed to support families who experience a loss of a child during pregnancy and up to one year of life. These services will include financial and emotional support. We are currently serving families in central Virginia with hopes of expanding across the state.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide every grieving family with resources that allows for the proper burial of their lost loved one as well as emotional support.

Meet Our Founder


I experienced child loss first hand so I know how you feel. I was pregnant with twins, lost Elijah but now loving on his twin, Elisha. I want to be able to help individuals get the healing they need.

I believe all the services my nonprofit provides will help you on your journey. I will continue to partner with organizations to help spread the word about this nonprofit.


Anthony Cotton
Richard Rogers
Tracina Wilkerson Grimes

Current Partnerships

Bishop Johnson of Kingdom Covenant Empowerment Church

Apostle Angel Allen of Infinite Spirit Apostolic Ministries

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